AIR Annual Conference

The Association's annual conference, the AIR Forum, is the world’s largest gathering of higher education professionals working in institutional research, effectiveness, assessment, planning, and related postsecondary education fields. This four-day conference includes more than 300 presentations by colleagues representing all sectors of higher education and an Exhibit Hall featuring the latest tools and resources to support data use for decision making. The Forum presents a unique opportunity for networking with peers, sharing best practices, and learning from practical workshops and plenary sessions led by the field's leading experts. The Forum is the “must attend” event for both seasoned and early-career professionals.

AIR members have access to program books and presentation materials from Past Forums. This extensive list is a significant resource for members seeking information on the wide variety of subjects presented at previous conferences.


May 27 - 31, 2019 - Denver, CO

Colorado Convention Center
700 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202

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May 25 – 29, 20​20 – New Orleans, LA

Hyatt Regency New Orleans
601 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70113



Beginning with the 1961 Forum in Chicago, Illinois, this event has been hosted in major cities across North America. Even though the annual conference theme has changed with the years, the Forum has maintained its timeliness, relevance, and prestige for nearly six decades.

Below is a list of all 58 Forums, with each theme, location, and when available, a downloadable version of the Forum Program Book, the official guidebook for that year's event.

58 Years of the AIR Forum

​2018 Forum (58th ​Annual)
Orlando, FL
Forum Program Book (PDF)


2017 Forum (57th Annual)
Washington, DC
Forum Program Book (PDF)

2016 Forum (56th Annual)
Learn. Network. Share.
New Orleans, LA
Forum Program Book​ (PDF)

2015 Forum (55th Annual)
Learn. Connect. Share.
Denver, CO
Forum Program Book​ (PDF)


2014 Forum (54th Annual)
MyForum: Where I Share, Network,
Learn, Inspire, and Achieve
Orlando, FL
Forum Program Book​ (PDF)

2013 Forum (53rd Annual)
Defining and Refining IR
Long Beach, CA
Forum Program Book​ (PDF)

2012 Forum (52nd Annual)
Defining IR
New Orleans, LA
Forum Program Book (PDF)

2011 Forum (51st Annual)
Passport to New Ideas and Better Decisions
Toronto, Ontario
Forum Program Book (PDF)

2010 Forum (50th Annual)
Charting Our Future in Higher Education
Chicago, Illinois
Forum Program Book (PDF)

2009 Forum (49th Annual)
World Class Institutional Research
Atlanta, Georgia
Forum Program Book (PDF)

2008 Forum (48th Annual)
Adapting to Meet New Challenges
Seattle, Washington
Forum Program Book (PDF)
2007 Forum (47th Annual)
Choice/Chance: Driving Change in Higher Education
Kansas City, Missouri
Forum Program Book (PDF)
2006 Forum (46th Annual)
Effectiveness Through Diversity
Chicago, Illinois
Forum Program Book (PDF)
2005 Forum (45th Annual)
Mission: Improve Higher Education
San Diego, California
Forum Program Book (PDF)
2004 Forum (44th Annual)
The Information Revolution: Bridging The Past To The Future
Boston, Massachusetts
Forum Program Book (PDF)
2003 Forum (43rd Annual)
Changing our Attitudes - Expanding our Latitudes
Tampa, Florida
Forum Program Book (PDF)
2002 Forum (42nd Annual)
Exploring New Frontiers
Toronto, Canada
Forum Program Book (PDF)
2001 Forum (41st Annual)
The Odyssey Begins
Long Beach, California
2000 Forum (40th Annual)
Information for the Next 100 Years
Cincinnati, Ohio
1999 Forum (39th Annual)
Cooperation & Collaboration: Building a Seamless Educational Process
Seattle, Washington
1998 Forum (38th Annual)
Navigating Beyond The Next Horizon
Minneapolis, Minnesota
1997 Forum (37th Annual)
Performance Indicators: Defining Measures that Matter
Orlando, Florida
1996 Forum (36th Annual)
Institutional Research—Rising to the Challenge
Albuquerque, Mew Mexico
1995 Forum (35th Annual)
Delivering the Message....Revolution is in The AIR!!!!
Boston, Massachusetts
1994 Forum (34th Annual)
Information Architects for the New Century
New Orleans, Louisiana
1993 Forum (33rd Annual)
Higher Education at the Crossroads
Chicago, Illinois
1992 Forum (32nd Annual)
Education: The Global Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
1991 Forum (31st Annual)
Building Bridges for the Twenty-First Century
San Francisco, California
1990 Forum (30th Annual)
Institutional Research--Coming of Age
Louisville, Kentucky
1989 Forum (29th Annual)
Higher Education and the Future: Initiatives for Institutional Research
Baltimore, Maryland
1988 Forum (28th Annual)
Promoting Quality through Leadership
Phoenix, Arizona 
1987 Forum (27th Annual)
Managing Education Better: Technology and Tomorrow
Kansas City, Missouri
1986 Forum (26th Annual)
Expanding Roles: New Directions and New Expectations
Orlando, Florida
1985 Forum (25th Annual)
Promoting Excellence through Information and Technology
Portland, Oregon
1984 Forum (24th Annual)
The Revolution in Administrative Roles in Higher Education
Ft. Worth, Texas
1983 Forum (23rd Annual)
Integrating Human Resources and Technology
Toronto, Canada
1982 Forum (22nd Annual)
Responding to Qualitative and Political Issues
Denver, Colorado
1981 Forum (21st Annual)
Toward 2001: The Institutional Research Perspective
Minneapolis, Minnesota
1980 Forum (20th Annual)
Meeting the Challenges of the Eighties: Redirection of Resources for Renewal
Atlanta, Georgia
1979 Forum (19th Annual)
Issues for the Eighties
San Diego, California
1978 Forum (18th Annual)
Balancing Needs and Resources
Houston, Texas
1977 Forum (17th Annual)
Research and Planning for Higher Education
Montreal, Canada
1976 Forum (16th Annual)
Conflicting Pressures in Postsecondary Education
Los Angeles, California
1975 Forum (15th Annual)
Information for Decisions in Postsecondary Education
St. Louis, Missouri
1974 Forum (14th Annual)
Public Policy: Issues and Analyses
Washington, D.C.
1973 Forum (13th Annual)
Tomorrow’s Imperatives Today
Vancouver, British Columbia
1972 Forum (12th Annual)
Reformation and Reallocation in Higher Education
Miami Beach, Florida
1971 Forum (11th Annual)
Institutional Research and Institutional Policy Formulation
Denver, Colorado
1970 Forum (10th Annual)
Institutional Research and Communications in Higher Education
New Orleans, Louisiana
1969 Forum (9th Annual)
The Challenge and Response of Institutional Research
Chicago, Illinois
1968 Forum (8th Annual)
Institutional Research and Academic Outcomes
San Francisco, California
1967 Forum (7th Annual)
The Instructional Process and Institutional Research
Athens, Georgia
1966 Forum (6th Annual)
Research on Academic Input
Boston, Massachusetts
1965 Forum (5th Annual)
Design and Methodology in Institutional Research
Stony Brook , New York
1964 Forum (4th Annual)
A Conceptual Framework for Institutional Research
Minneapolis, Minnesota
1963 Forum (3rd Annual)
The Role of Institutional Research in Planning
Detroit, Michigan
1962 (2nd Annual)
Chicago, Illinois
1961 (First National Institutional Research Forum)
Chicago, Illinois​


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