Using the National Survey of IR Offices Data to Inform Decision Making

In 2015, AIR administered the National Survey of Institutional Research Offices​ (NSIRO), the most comprehensive survey of IR offices to date. Join the lead NSIRO researcher to explore what was learned from the survey and why it matters. She will also discuss the next edition of NSIRO, to be administered in fall 2018, and highlight its impact on the field, including its importance in understanding data capacity in higher education.

Recorded June 21, 2018


Darlena Jones, Association for Institutional Research 

Price ​

No Charge (member / non-member) 

Learning Outcomes 

As a result of this webinar, participants will: 

  • Understand types of data collected from the National Survey of IR Offices 

  • Understand the value of benchmarking 

  • Understand how NSIRO data can be used to benchmark the operations of an IR Office 

Contacts ​

If you have questions about webinar content, please contact Darlena Jones at or (850) 391-6566. 

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