Leadership and Management in Institutional Research: Enhancing Personal and Professional Effectiveness
by William E. Knight, Ph.D.

Leadership and Management in Institutional Research is an important new volume on IR leadership that addresses the need for IR professionals to increase their ability to affect change and influence key campus decision-makers.  

Complimentary digital copies will be available to AIR members July 1, 2015 through the eLibrary.

What’s Inside

William Knight, a respected leader in the field, provides an insightful and data-informed look at leadership and management, and covers topics such as:

  • Resource Management (Budgets, time management, and office effectiveness)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Building a strong foundation for leadership)
  • Managing and Developing Staff (Hiring, evaluating, and mentoring)
  • Understanding Campus Culture (Negotiating politics and promoting effective use of IR data)
  • Developing Yourself as a Leader (Best practices and navigating your career path)

Why is a Book on IR Leadership Important?

“Although I think (and I hope that you do too) that our national, regional, and state IR professional organizations and other sources provide outstanding education and training in technical-analytical knowledge and skills, noticeably lacking has been a place to go to improve practitioners’ understanding of issues such as campus politics, interpersonal relations, understanding the perspectives of others, and leadership development. Thus, the purpose of this book is to help improve the effectiveness of your office as well as to improve your effectiveness as a leader.” William E. Knight

What Others are Saying about the Book

“The smartest, most technically adept institutional researchers cannot be successful unless they can navigate the cultural seas of higher education. Knight combines academic research with personal experiences to give readers the practical tools needed to traverse the sometimes choppy waters of our profession.”

—Julie Carpenter-Hubin, The Ohio State University

“How could you not get excited about this book? An exceptional message enhanced by a confident, relaxed writing style, Knight reveals what the most successful leaders in institutional research already know: the power of emotional intelligence.”

—Mardy Eimers, University of Missouri

About the Author

William E. Knight, Ph.D. is a respected leader in the area of IR leadership and management. He is the assistant provost for institutional effectiveness and an adjunct faculty member at Ball State University. Bill has authored or co-authored 30 peer-reviewed and invited publications and served as co-editor of The Handbook for Institutional Research published by Jossey-Bass. He has served AIR as president, Forum chair, and board member.