Call for Editor, New Directions for Institutional Research

The Association for Institutional Research (AIR) is seeking applications for the position of Editor of New Directions for Institutional Research (NDIR). NDIR is a quarterly sourcebook published by Wiley under the sponsorship and policies of AIR. 

To apply, please submit a letter of interest and current CV to:  

Dr. Gary R. Pike
Search Committee Chair 

Deadline for application is April 5, 2013. 

Position Description
The Editor of NDIR is selected by AIR and confirmed by Wiley. The Editor reports to Wiley via a contract that outlines expectations and requirements for production of the journal. The Editor reports to AIR via a contract that outlines distribution of royalties.  

The Editor of NDIR selects topics and editors for each issue. Issue editors are recognized authorities who assume responsibility for developing assigned publications and selecting appropriate individuals to author chapters. The Editor is responsible for coordination and quality control by assisting each issue editor in planning the publication, selecting chapter authors, and reviewing chapters to ensure that they meet NDIR publication standards. Manuscripts must pass a two-level review (issue editor and NDIR Editor) and meet the publisher’s standards for content and style before they are published. 

Specific editorial responsibilities of the Editor include:

  1. Define the strategic direction for the series;

  2. Actively solicit issue editors;

  3. Manage the peer-review process;

  4. Evaluate manuscripts and provide feedback to authors;

  5. Select reviewers;

  6. Synthesize reviewers' written evaluations;

  7. Work with issue editors and chapter authors to revise manuscripts based on reviewers’ comments and recommendations (e.g., clarity, development of ideas, scholarly accuracy, overall quality, and compliance with publication guidelines);

  8. Make publication decisions and set publication schedules for the series; and

  9. Work with the publisher to coordinate activities in preparation for publication.

The successful candidate has a well-developed understanding of the literature in the field of institutional research and higher education, as demonstrated by an established publishing record. The ideal candidate has prior editorial experience. 

Candidates must: 

  • Have experience reviewing articles submitted for publication in higher education journals

  • Possess excellent writing skills

  • Work well with a variety of people

  • Be cognizant of the evolving needs of institutional research professionals

  • Understand the scholarly aspects and practical nature of institutional research and its role in higher education 

  • Be comfortable approaching others in order to actively cultivate a network of issue editors

Term of Service
The term of service is five years. The Editor will officially assume the position on January 1, 2014. However, in order to transition into the role and prepare for the 2014 volume, for which he/she will be solely responsible, the Editor will work with the current Editor May 1 – December 31, 2013. 

About NDIR
NDIR volumes contain four issues. Each issue focuses in detail on a specific topic relating to institutional research, planning, or higher education management in general. NDIR issues typically contain five to 10 chapters that examine the various dimensions of each topic, summarize the latest information, and point to future directions. Each issue runs 90 to 120 pages in length and has an annotated table of contents, explanatory head notes, index, and list of sources for additional information. Visit the NDIR website to view recent issues.