National Survey of Institutional Research Offices

The National Survey of IR Offices, administered in 2015, established a baseline of IR Office capacities. This inquiry sought to document the characterizations of IR Offices as they exist in 2015, including scope of work, reporting lines, staffing, and fiscal resources. Guiding questions included: How many people work in the IR Office? What tasks are assigned to the IR Office? What fiscal investments do institutions make in their IR Offices?

In April 2016, AIR released a summary report (see below) examining the data with a focus on IR offices at not-for-profit institutions. The data collected have several stories to tell, and we are excited about the possibilities. AIR looks forward to continued collaboration with data consumers to explore this information with multiple lenses, which will further illuminate the resources and capacities of IR offices. In the coming months, we will outline a process for researchers to request use of these data in the aggregate.

Inquiries about the National Survey of IR Offices may be sent to

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