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Dealing with Data Disconnect is Not Unique to IR

Does your IR office struggle with selecting the best method for delivering information to multiple stakeholders? Are some of your organization’s data capacities stronger than others?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, there is good news; other industries share in these data-related challenges.

A recent study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (the research and analysis division of The Economist Group, the sister company to The Economist newspaper) and sponsored by Teradata, confirms that there are similar obstacles to data initiatives in business sectors such as healthcare, biotechnology, manufacturing, and IT.

The study included a survey of 362 executives from around the world and explored how companies can help create a culture of data use and put data at the center of decision-making.

The survey report suggests that CEOs in the polled industries have a very different view of how data is being accessed and used to make decisions when compared to other employees of their organizations—even those as high up as vice presidents and directors. MORE

Planning for AIR’s Future
By Gary Pike
2014-2015 Vice President
On March 20-21, the AIR Board met to review AIR operations and plan for the future. I want to take this opportunity to update you on three outcomes from that meeting.

As I mentioned in an earlier Board Corner, the Board has been reviewing the relationship between AIR and Research in Higher Education (RIHE). During the Board meeting we had a very productive telephone conversation with Rob Toutkoushian, former AIR President and editor of RIHE.

Based on our conversation with Rob, the Board directed Randy Swing, AIR’s Chief Executive Officer, to draft a new contract between AIR and Springer, the publisher of RIHE. Randy will present the contract to the Board for approval and then enter into negotiations with Springer.

The Board is excited to continue its long-standing relationship with RIHE and Springer.

Membership and finances were a second topic discussed during the Board meeting. Randy presented the Board with important historical data on AIR membership, and he discussed possible directions for the future.

The Board directed Randy to research and develop a detailed proposal for restructuring and redefining the organizational membership classification, with a focus on institutions and multi-person memberships. MORE
Keeping AIR Members Informed
AIR welcomes brief announcements of interest to the IR and assessment communities, such as the release of a report, funding opportunities or a request for applications. Send your announcement to eAIR@airweb.org and include a link to your website as well as a contact name and email address. Announcements
Who's on the Move?
New titles. New promotions. New institutions. Friends and colleagues on the move.
Outlook for New Program Site
​By Rebecca Garland, Assistant Director for Institutional Research, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, University of St. Francis
The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) has collected three years of data from annual surveys in 2011, 2012, and 2013 to populate its SnaapShot site. The 2013 SnaapShot includes responses from over 92,000 arts graduates from American institutions. 

The site is used to communicate key research findings to institutions, arts graduates, policy makers, and philanthropists. MORE
Communicating with Data Users Outside of IR 
Dear Lindsey: How do I communicate effectively with data users outside of the IR office?

Institutional research is a broad category of work being done at colleges and universities across higher education. This work informs campus decision-making and planning in a multitude of areas that include financial aid, curriculum, staffing, finances, student life, athletics, development, and enrollment. 

Lindsey Graham Guinn, Director of Assessment and Institutional Research at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Penn., shares advice on communicating with data users outside the IR office. MORE
2014 Charles F. Elton Best Paper Award
The Charles F. Elton Best Paper Award celebrates the scholarly papers presented at the AIR annual conference (Forum) that best exemplify the standards of excellence established by the award's namesake and that make significant contributions to the field of IR. The purpose of the award is to promote scholarship and to acknowledge that AIR members make a wide variety of scholarly contributions to the field, ranging from theory to practice.

AIR congratulates the 2014 Charles F. Elton Best Paper Award winners. Thank you for your contributions to the institutional research community. MORE

Effective Team Leadership: Mutual Learning Mindset
​Roger Schwarz is an organizational psychologist and President and CEO of Roger Schwarz & Associates. He is a sought-after advisor to global companies, federal government agencies, and international non-profit organizations. Roger will present the opening keynote address at the 2015 AIR Forum in Denver, Colorado.

eAIR: What are some key principles of team leadership?
Effective team leadership is based on what I call a mutual learning mindset. The central premise is that how you think is how you lead. If you and your team are thinking in ways that are unproductive, you won't be able to get the results you need.

To create transformational, sustainable change, it’s not sufficient for a team to change its behavior or how it's organized. The team needs to change its mindset—its values and assumptions. MORE

Excel SUMPRODUCT Function
By Angela Henderson, Associate Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, Stetson University
Have you ever been asked to present data that is still changing? Sorting tables and creating graphs can be time consuming, especially if you have to make multiple revisions.

Excel's SUMPRODUCT function is a great solution to this dilemma. It allows you to create a dynamic summary table and presentation graphic that accurately reflects the data as it changes. MORE
The Latest Issues in Higher Education
IR in the Know keeps you up to date on current and emerging issues related to higher education data collection, analyses, and reporting, and is presented in three categories: Reports and Tools: summaries of resources and research; Emerging Topics: developing ideas and discussions from the field; and Policy Watch: national policy news and topics. MORE
2015 AIR Member Award Recipients
Each year, AIR members recognize their colleagues who have made extraordinary contributions to the success of the Association and to the institutional research profession. It is an honor to be nominated for one of these prestigious awards by one’s peers. Member committees review nominees’ materials and select the award recipients.

AIR celebrates the 2015 recipients, all of whom shared letters of acceptance to convey their appreciation to fellow members. MORE

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Thanks to AIR Members
Our members are not only incredibly helpful, they are a pleasure to work with. Here are some special thanks to those who have gone beyond the call of duty for our Association.
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