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Sexual Assault Surveys: New Challenges for IR

AIR is tracking conversations related to sexual assault on college campuses. In particular, the Association is interested in the ways in which the field of institutional research can collaborate with and support subject matter experts across higher education to address this pressing issue.

An AIR campus climate workgroup explored the Association’s role in national conversations about sexual assault on college campuses. The group tracked developments in the field and prepared a statement that addresses how institutional research professionals can be involved in campus-level strategies for addressing sexual violence.

Read the workgroup’s statement and learn what you should do next.
Just Say Yes!
By Sandi Bramblett
2014-2015 AIR Immediate Past President and Nominations and Elections Chair
It all began with a phone call from Michelle Hall. I had received the nomination letter stating that someone thought enough of my background to nominate me for a position on the AIR Board. I politely declined because really, I had a new position at Georgia Tech, an active family, and a hundred other reasons why I couldn't say yes at that point in time.

Then I thought about it again and came to the conclusion that if not now, then when? Being called to serve your profession is an honor, and the time is now! Lending your expertise to AIR as either a member of the Board of Directors or the Nominations and Elections Committee is a great way to contribute to the field of institutional research as well as to your professional Association.

Over the past several years, it has been a great privilege for me to work with a wonderful group of colleagues to envision the future of higher education and how best the Association can support the success of IR professionals everywhere. MORE
Keeping AIR Members Informed
AIR welcomes brief announcements of interest to the IR and assessment communities, such as the release of a report, funding opportunities or a request for applications. Send your announcement to eAIR@airweb.org and include a link to your website as well as a contact name and email address. Announcements
Who's on the Move?
New titles. New promotions. New institutions. Friends and colleagues on the move.
High Impact Practices (HIPS)
​By Muriel C. Lopez-Wagner, Director, Office of Institutional Research, California State University, San Bernardino
Infographic by Lauren Albrecht, Graduate Assistant
The Office of Institutional Research (IR) at California State University, San Bernardino, found that infographics are succinct alternatives to 10-20 page reports with graphs, tables, and statistical notations. The purpose of our infographics is to inform our campus community, stimulate conversations about students’ success, and provoke inquiries pertaining to continuous improvement.


Our infographics have to be short, colorful, and carry a simple message. The recent infographic on high-impact practices (HIPs) below carries two messages: 1) the number of seniors who said they participated in HIPs and 2) the number of HIPs in which they participated. Infographics allow us to share our story with a larger audience than if we were to use text alone. MORE
Business Intelligence: The Changing Role of the IR Professional
Business intelligence is growing in popularity in higher education, and IR professionals will be impacted. In a recent survey of AIR members, 53% of respondents said they anticipate a role change in IR within the next three years, and 38% of respondents anticipate that IR will evolve toward being more strategic. MORE

Waterfalls and Cascading Data: A Story of IR in Pakistan and the U.S.
Shajeel Imran Khokhar is the Assessment Officer in the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) in the Offices of Assessment and Institutional Research at Forman Christian College in Lahore, Pakistan. Shajeel has completed three AIR Data and Decisions® Academy courses and attended his first AIR Forum in Orlando in 2014. He spoke with eAIR about his experience as an international IR professional participating in AIR educational events.

eAIR: How did you get started working in the field of IR?

I have been working in the assessment and institutional research field since 2009. I joined the field as a research associate. Later, in 2012, I was promoted to Assessment Officer, but prior to 2009 I had no experience in this field. I think my background knowledge in economics and mathematics, a students’ information database (EMPOWER), and a little experience with statistical software such as SPSS and Eview enabled me to work in this field. MORE

Lookup in Excel Using Multiple Criteria
By Iroshan Navaratne, Assistant Director Institutional Effectiveness, Claflin University
Have you ever run into a situation in which VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP just did not cut it? For example: The worksheet below has GPAs by term and year for every student. You are tasked with compiling a list of students for the entire academic year and, amidst all other data relevant to each particular student, you are to list their GPAs for each semester in separate columns.

Using VLOOKUP in cells D2:D18 on Sheet2 results in the following… MORE

The Latest Issues in Higher Education
IR in the Know keeps you up to date on current and emerging issues related to higher education data collection, analyses, and reporting, and is presented in three categories: Reports and Tools: summaries of resources and research; Emerging Topics: developing ideas and discussions from the field; and Policy Watch: national policy news and topics. MORE
Good Reads for the Higher Ed Professional
Keep current with the latest news from this influential journal:
- New Directions for Institutional Research
- Journal of The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition

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Thanks to AIR Members
Our members are not only incredibly helpful, they are a pleasure to work with. Here are some special thanks to those who have gone beyond the call of duty for our Association.

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