AUC Trends Dashboard

Heba Atteya
Business Intelligence Manager, Data Analytics and IR

The American University in Cairo 

Effective decision making is evidence based. An evidence of improvement is not just how well we do today in comparison to what we did last year, it is also how well are we doing with respect to our peers. The AUC interactive trends dashboard reports on the main KPIs relevant to the admissions, graduation, and enrollment processes in comparison to our peers. This helps us understand our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

The dashboard was created using IBM Cognos 11. The user can switch modes between “AUC trends” in any of the three processes or “Peer comparison.” The “Peer Comparison” compares our performance to our peers using standard CDS (Common Data Set) definitions. For each process, a user can choose between “Undergraduate” and “Graduate” data. We list the main standard KPIs for the most recent census term in the KPIs block then we show a table of a five-year trend for each KPI, highlighting our lowest value in red and our highest in green [Figure 1].

 VDDnov2017-1.PNGFigure 1 

We maintain a practice of encapsulating the business definitions within all our dashboards. Our users look for the “information card icon” in every dashboard to find the business definitions behind reported KPIs [Figure 2]. This eliminates confusion and ensures common understanding among the different stakeholders.

Figure 2

On the peer comparison tab, the user can pick the peer institution(s) of interest and a new trend line for the figures of the selected peer(s) shows up on the charts for benchmarking purposes [Figure 3].

Figure 3


The interactive dashboard is extractable in an interactive file format “.mhtm." The file can be opened using Internet Explorer. You will need to download a separate add-on “unmht” in order to open the file using Firefox. We are currently implementing a solution that will enable embedding the dashboard on our web page to be publicly available.   



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