First Year Cohort Academic Success Visualizations

Related to Admissions and Student Success

By Jessica Ickes, Director of Institutional Research, Lebanon Valley College

These visualizations were created to provide images that could quickly display student-success indicators by key-admissions variables. They are used for reference in admission-policy discussions, particularly around decisions and threshold setting in scholarship levels. The bands for each admissions variable have been masked, and a few data elements have been perturbed. Additionally, data for specific cells is provided in our internal analysis, but is excluded from this example. The benefit of these images when used together is that they provide indicators for who is successful in regard to retention and first-semester GPA, and also illustrate the consistency of these admissions variables as predictors of two key student and academic success variables. These visualizations also provide quick insight for which academic level students may be at risk, which allows development of intervention strategies to improve success.





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Jeff posted on 4/15/2016 11:41 AM
Your use of conditional formatting is excellent. Comparing the numbers themselves would be hard to mentally differentiate. Even without including your numbers above, the overall patterns are easily seen.

A good related follow-up study would be to explore your college's market share as a function of SAT Band and High School Rank. The patterns above shows how important it is to try to recruit the best students, but how well does your college succeed at that?

I wish we had SAT data (or something equivalent) we could use at our community college to illustrate the market segment we serve. Open admissions and strong competition for high school graduates leaves us serving a more challenged group of students. It's our mission, but outside parties who judge our college's performance don't always take that into consideration.