Enrollment Management: Gauge Charts

Liying Cui, Analyst
Data and Analytics Group, College of Online and Continuing Education
Southern New Hampshire University

We developed a dashboard for enrollment operations in the College of Online and Continuing Education at Southern New Hampshire University. The dashboard is updated daily and provides the enrollment management team with a quick view into operational metrics.

Besides a tabular view of enrollment goals and actual numbers with a drill down to different groups, the dashboard includes gauge charts as a visual display.

The gauge chart displays the goal and actual enrollment for the upcoming term. The example below shows that for the new cohort, current course enrollment is 8,328 on a particular day with a goal of 8,512. The difference is shown as both percentage of goal and a raw number below the chart to highlight the gap. These are separate from the gauge chart but can aid in comparison when two charts are shown side-by-side for different student cohorts. When the actual exceeds the goal, the gauge reaches “full” level but the numbers are updated to show the overage.

The visualization is built in Microsoft PowerBI and deployed to the PowerBI service. There are two advantages with this deployment:

  1. The visual is based on dynamic tables updated daily.

  2. The dashboard is optimized on desktop and mobile devices and accessible to authorized users.

New Cohort.png

(Created by Eric Gustafson)




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