Fall State Funded Enrollment Trends

Tonya Benton
Director of Institutional Research
Highline Community College
This dashboard provides a daily snapshot of FTE enrollment for the College's state-funded students and represents progress toward a key enrollment target for the College (excludes contract funded FTE and self-support funded FTE). Source data for this visualization is created daily in MS Access to support each of the three worksheets on the dashboard. The top two charts are inclusive subgroups of the bottom "All" chart.  For each chart, registration day count appears across the horizontal axis as a time measure within the term (in this case, fall). FTE are plotted on the vertical axis as the outcome of interest. This "viz" is published weekly as a static .pdf attachment for use by senior leaders and enrollment staff to compare current term progress compared to the same term in prior years. This visualization represents a significant shift in access to enrollment progress data for us, as we have a legacy data system with very little user-friendly access. Decision makers use this viz for prediction as well as understanding current enrollment levels. It is also used to guide strategic enrollment management conversations in recruiting and outreach to combat the gradual decrease of tuition-generating enrollments (seen in the top left chart) in the current climate of economic recovery and tuition hikes.



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