Longwood University: Chart of the Week

Darrell Tyler, Senior Research Analyst
Office of Assessment and Institutional Research
Longwood University

This is a specific week’s chart & tables exploring the trends in Longwood’s enrollment by Virginia regions. This year, Central Virginia has provided Longwood with its most undergraduates and graduate students (1,743), followed by Northern Virginia (1,120) (Figure 1). From Fall 2013 to Fall 2017, undergraduate enrollment from out-of-state has seen a growth of just over 70%. Another substantive growth region is once again Central Virginia, which grew at 14.2%. Hampton Roads has been the only region that has exhibited a steady decline in enrollment (-17.6%) over this five-year period (Figure 2).

Longwood’s Graduate School has witnessed a 310% increase in overall enrollment coming from Virginia's Valley region. Unlike the undergraduate cohort, the graduate cohort from the Hampton Roads region enrollment has grown by 136.4% (Figure 3).


Trends in Enrollment by Virginia Regions

Figure 1. 2017-18 UG & GR Enrollment by Geographical Regions of Virginia

Enrollment Trends by Degree Levels & Geographical Region





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