Moraine Valley Daily Enrollment Dashboard

Nilkamal Shah
Assistant Director for Institutional Research
Moraine Valley Community College

The Daily Enrollment Dashboard* shows a daily growth of enrollment which can be filtered to the granular level of courses and sections. By activating the filters on the right-hand side of the interactive dashboard, one can see daily growth from different perspectives such as prefix/course/section/credit type/course type/location. This makes the enrollment growth data useful at an institution where various levels of staff are responsible for enrollment in a specific limited area.


Filtering daily enrollment data allows different levels of staff to view enrollment in their specific domains

  • Faculty Coordinators can use this dashboard to view enrollment trends in the specific sections they are responsible for on a daily basis and make decisions based on trend data (such as, cancelling sections or adding more sections).

  • Executive Leadership can determine exactly where enrollment declines are occurring on any particular day leading up to the start of a semester.

  • Deans can determine which courses in particular are not growing at a pace that will allow them to run profitably.

  • Staff at off campus locations can keep track of the daily enrollment at their specific locations.

  • Enrollment management and admissions staff can keep track of which students are not registering at the expected pace in order to prioritize phone calls to those students.

The Differences tab visually shows the major differences in enrollment between any two semesters. This eliminates any question as to why enrollment is lower or higher on any given day between any two semesters in the last five years.


This allows campus administrators to understand which courses, course types, credit types, or location types are seeing the largest changes.


The 5 Year Trend tab shows the 5 year trend in enrollment for any given prefix, course, section, or location. This allows a user to determine whether there is a long-term trend in enrollment for any given area.


The Daily Headcount tab shows the unduplicated headcount for any given day.


Finally, a Help/Documentation tab is provided with the dashboard including Data Definitions for all items shown on the dashboards.


* Note: This tool was built and is shared for no cost using Tableau Public.



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