ONU Incoming Freshman Growth Dashboard

Omer Minhas
Director of Institutional Research
Ohio Northern University

The Office of Institutional Research developed a new dashboard to geographically visualize freshmen enrollment trends at ONU between Fall 2010 and Fall 2016. 

How to Use the Dashboard

The first tab labelled Freshmen Growth by County allows a user to compare freshmen enrollments by county for any two selected years between 2010 and 2016. The colored circles depicted for each county represent freshmen enrollment increases (in green) or decreases (in red), whereas the size of the circle represents the number of freshmen students enrolled from a county in a particular year. When hovering over a circle on the map, additional statistics, based on data available from OhioHigherEd.com, are displayed in the table shown below the map.

The second tab labelled Freshmen High Schools by County provides a heat map of freshmen enrollments from each county and displays the corresponding high schools attended by students in those counties.  Hovering over a specific county filters the list of high schools attended by students in that county.

The Freshmen High Schools by Zip Code tab is identical to the Freshmen High Schools by County tab, except that it shows enrollments at the zip code level.

Access the full, interactive dashboard




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