Applicant Trends by Perturbed Major

By Jessica Ickes, Director of Institutional Research, Lebanon Valley College
and Robert Dillane, Director of Enterprise Information Systems, Lebanon Valley College

This visualization of five years of applicant trends by perturbed anticipated major, allows users to view application trends regarding a selected academic major at the College. The data used in this example, which are for one major at the College, have been perturbed. The visualization was built in Tableau, which enables the visualization user to “drill-down” in real-time to unit-level data. Users can select any major from a dropdown box and the visualization will refresh to display that data. Additionally, this visualization shows the concentration of prospective students by the selected anticipated major in the region.  The map visualization enables the user to click on selected area to view detailed information for that region. The goal of this visualization is to enable department chairs and interested faculty members to have easy access to basic trends in applicants in their major, both for use as active partners in collaboration with admissions, and in academic program review.   




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David posted on 5/14/2015 12:58 PM
Great map! Very nice job. I had not seen Tableau do this. Thank you for sharing the good work.