Program Retention Report

​David Onder, Director of Assessment &
Alison Joseph, Business and Technology Applications Analyst
Western Carolina University

The Program Retention Report is a tool used by Western Carolina University (WCU) for tracking student outcomes by cohort within a program over time. To accomplish this, each cohort of students is followed within a given program, and at each interval a determination is made as to how many were graduated or retained within their program, how many were graduated or retained at the university but outside of their program, and how many were lost completely to attrition. The full report includes very detailed term-level data, which is then rolled up in progressively more condensed forms and finally graphed in comparison to university averages of programs at the same level. The graphs are inspired by the Voluntary System of Accountability's Student Success and Progress and are very similar to the new Student Achievement Measure. This report is built in Microsoft Excel so that it can be produced in a highly automated fashion year after year. A downloadable version and related PowerPoint presentation are available on WCU’s Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness website under Staff Presentations.

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