TCSG College Board ACCUPLACER Data

​Terry McCamish
Accountability Data Analyst
Technical College System of Georgia

This visual display is designed to give quick comparison of results from classes with student scores on the ACCUPLACER Exam used for general education placement. There were five courses for programs of different levels.

The courses have different minimum scores that must attained to be eligible for entry into the appropriate class. English classes require a student to meet the minimum score on both the Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills course.

Data was collected on test scores and final grades as part of a validity study conducted by the College Board. The main goal of the study was to measure the correlation between the ACCUPLACER test and the final course results. Before the ACCUPLACER exam was introduced as the main placement assessment instrument by the colleges, college faculty had met to establish minimum scores for student success. A related result was to be able to examine whether the minimum scores were too high or too low. The following charts were constructed to observe the relationship between grades, average exam scores and minimum entrance scores.

A common color scheme was used on all six charts to facilitate readability. The number of plots was limited to Average Placement Score per Letter Grade, a straight line for the minimum required scores, and the standard deviation for the average test scores by letter grade.

I believe that the strength of these charts relies primarily on their simplicity. At a glance, information is ready to be compared.


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