Temple College KPIs

Jimmy D. Roberts
Associate Vice President, Community Initiatives and Special Programs
Temple College

This Visual Display of Data appears on our Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning webpage. It is not very flashy, but it is an example of what can be done using technology you probably have around the office—possibly in your junk drawer. This is especially important for small (i.e. tiny, one-person) research offices with limited resources. Our Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Effectiveness used Adobe Acrobat to create the document. The first page graphic appears on the webpage. If you click on the graphic, the file opens to the 35-page PDF document, which takes advantage of the link feature in Adobe Acrobat so that each file (except one) links to more specific information. The detailed information pages have home buttons that take you back to the first page.

As mentioned, it isn’t as glamorous as some displays, but it provides a lot of information and is more intuitive than using programs such as Tableau. This is important for those who wear many hats in their IR office.

 View larger, full version of Temple College KPIs (PDF opens in new tab). 


Note: The author would like to thank Dr. Rebecca Richter, Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning, for creating this data display and allowing it to be shared it via eAIR.



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Marlene posted on 1/30/2017 11:22 AM
This is wonderful, thank you for sharing! As you point out, an especially helpful tip for small IR offices and/or ones that can not afford something like Tableau.