Temple College Sankey Diagram

Jimmy Roberts
Associate Vice President
Temple College

I was impressed by the Sankey diagrams for Bucknell University submitted by Kevork Horrissian. I had access to some data that I thought that would be appropriate for this type of display. Unfortunately, even though I have access to Tableau, I am too inexperienced to attempt something like this. Until I got some Tableau experience under my belt, I decided looked for an easier solution. I found one at sankeymatic.com. In their words, “There are no tools to install. There is no code to write. You do not have to sign up for anything. Just enter your data, customize the diagram to your liking, and download a finished product.” This site provides the opportunity to create Sankey diagrams without committing to expensive software, and the diagrams are relatively easy to make. While they may not as sophisticated as some out there, I think they serve the purpose well.

After a few attempts at following their directions, I created the following diagrams.

Top 10 Industries for Employment - Technical Completers (Working Only) 


Top 10 Higher Ed Institutions for Enrollment - Academic Completers




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