Ten Facts WSU Students Want You to Know

Craig This
Interim Director, Office of Institutional Research
Wright State University

We are always looking for new and different ways to present data at our new faculty orientation. This video is a product of our Office of Institutional Research and our Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), which sponsor the orientation. We had various data results – FactBook, NSSE, SSI – but did not want to present them in the usual fashion, via PowerPoint or Prezi. Passing through our quad one day, we interviewed 100 students (nothing scientific) and asked them three things they wished faculty knew about them. We tallied the results and determined our top 10. (OK, we don’t have any data for "don't speak in monotone.") Our CTL sent over a videographer who shot everything in two hours. She edited it in one day, and what you see is the end product. It has been very well received on our campus, and, in addition to new faculty orientation, it has been shown in a variety of settings, including an audience of new graduate teaching assistants.

Watch the YouTube video.





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Kristin posted on 7/21/2016 3:19 PM
This is very creative!